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FIRE WARM STOVE 6 KW - Flying Dutchman Stores


The Firewarm 6 multifuel stove is ideal for burning wood, coal or smokeless fuels.

Using the best in high temperature glass, combined with the Firewarm 6 combustion technology delivers consistently clean glass for unrestricted viewing of the fire through the large glass window.

Firewarm 6 stove features :

* Riddling grate system - External mechanism for shaking burnt ash through to the ashpan below.

* Secondary burn technology for increased efficiency and cleaner burning.

* Inner cast iron combustion chamber for a longer lifespan.

* Primary and secondary air regulators giving simple control of you stove.

* Full cast iron construction.

* Airwash technology keeps the glass clean whilst in use.

* Large ceramic glass door for a great view of the fire inside.

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