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Tableau Hot Iron Cleaner - 30g - Flying Dutchman Stores

Tableau Hot Iron Cleaner - 30g

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Hot Iron Cleaner - For Easy Ironing

Removes deposites that cause drag

Hot Iron Cleaner reduces the coating which can build up on your iron thereby allowing it to glide more easily, making your ironing less effort. Use it each time you iron to maintain the soleplate. It is safe for all metal, Teflon and non-stick surfaces.


  1. Empty the water from steam iron and make sure it is hot, preferably on the cotton setting. Do not use a cold iron.
  2. Squeeze 5cm of Hot Iron Cleaner onto an old 100% cotton terry towel (not synthetic) and rub hot iron over towel in circular motion.
  3. Move to a clean area and wipe to remove all traces of hot iron cleaner.
  4. If iron coating is heavy repeat application.
  5. After cleaning wipe thoroughly with a clean damp cloth (not synthetic) and ensure all Hot Iron Cleaner is removed from  steam vents and upper edge of sole plate.
  6. Keep a towel treated with Hot Iron Cleaner handy for repeated use while ironing.

Please Note:

Take care when handling a hot iron. some smoke while cleaning is normal and part of the cleaning process. Ensure no Iron Cleaner enters the water reservoir in steam irons. Hot Iron Cleaner will not remove permanent changes in metal finish such as heat discolouration or water stains.


Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed seek medical advice and show this container labe

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