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Twin Wall(GUY WIRE BRACKET) 6" or 150 mm - Flying Dutchman Stores

Twin Wall(GUY WIRE BRACKET) 6" or 150 mm

Special locking band to fix guy wires (not supplied) in case the flue has a length of more than 2000mm without the possibility of fixing to the wall.
Attach metal wire rope to each of the three holes and then pull each rope tight and fix to a suitable strong position.

For use on solid fuel and gas/oil appliances. eg: woodstoves, gas coal effect fires, oil boiler and any solid fuel appliances.

TWPro and KC are HETAS Approved and is CE marked.
Designation Number
EN1856-1 T600 N1 D V2 L50040 G60.


TWPro and KC Twin Wall Insulated Chimney parts are secured together by using a Locking Band.
Make sure that you keep the required distance from the outside of the flue to any combustible material (wood, plaster board).


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