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Cat-Dog-Fox Repeller - Flying Dutchman Stores

Cat-Dog-Fox Repeller

£9.95 £19.95
  • Combines sensors, ultrasonic and flashing strobe light to chase away unwelcome animals from your garden
  • Safe and humane
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to mount on walls, posts etc
  • Effective range up to 85 square metres
  • Use near flower beds, fish ponds, protect bird baths and feeders
High-pitched frequencies deter cats, dogs and other animals from invading your garden. The signal is inaudible to humans but animals find the signal uncomfortable and will leave. Other devices emit a constant sound, but Animal Away saves batteries with its infrared motion activation. The PIR sensor detects and triggers ultrasonic/sonic plus flash emission. Switchable to shift to a sonic sound.

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